Jan 24, 2015

On job-killers

Let's say for the sake of example, that I was a serial killer, and I was rich, and also a bit lazy. So, I decide one day to hire people to do my serial killing for me. This goes on for a long while. It becomes a bit of an industry, my employees enjoy some job security, some even raise families. Then one day the awful evil authorities catch me and put me in jail for all my serial-killing. Now I'm all sad and shit. :( 

So my next move is to go on cable news with my lawyer and complain that the government's policy on no mass murder is a jobs-killer. So they let me out of prison and I continue on my happy way, killing lots of innocent people, and also helping keep the unemployment numbers above a certain percent.

That's how I feel when people bitch about regulations designed to mitigate climate change: "Regulations are a job-killer!" 

No. A sociopathic, compulsive hunt for short-term profit with no eye toward sustainability is an everything-that-matters-killer. 

Jan 22, 2015

Absurd dream

and the sketch I made of it....apparently my dream self has some opinions bout the new Star Wars movies.

Jan 17, 2015

Thoughts on the #BlackLivesMatter Protests

A few weeks back I heard the governor (Patrick, at the time) and the police commissioner pleading with the protestors, 'if they'd just sit down with us, and tell us what they want...'

Never mind that that's just a way of pinpointing leadership, let's look at how stupid that statement is. The protestors have been walking around with signs for weeks. What, you don't read good? 

I generally don't care for protests. Not because I don't support the causes, but because they're generally so useless. It's like, let's say I like pictures of horses. But for years I've only seen badly drawn ones, I kinda start to get soured on horse pictures, even though I definitely still support the idea of horses. 

Protest is generally most effective when it hits the powers that be in the pocketbook. That's how unions came about. That's how the protests scared Nixon: people walked out of factories. Unfortunately all the protests in the last thirty years forgot about the pocketbook element. They thought that writing on posterboard and walking around would do the trick. It's exactly as effective as it is when you hold up posterboard at a WWE match: "Undertaker won?! But I had a sign!” 

Commuters stuck in traffic jams affect the economy and affecting the economy is the only thing that can force change from the bottom. Sorry, commuters. 

I've digressed. Back on the idea of telling the governor what they want. Even if the authorities weren’t completely repulsed by the idea, it isn’t even within their power to give the protestors what they want. What the protestors want is for police behavior to change. And that takes time. Time to do, and then time to prove to everyone that you did it. Policies could be implemented, heads could roll, but only time can show that you’ve stopped being how you are. And being how you are has driven people to this point. 

Does anyone think a week or two’s worth of conveniently placed protest is going to right the wrongs that have been going on since basically…forever? Of course not.

In the meantime, get used to being late for work. At least until #BlackLivesMatter is labeled a terror organization, or some other crap. Free speech zones, anyone?

Dec 12, 2014

2015 Calendars!

Hey everyone, my 2015 calendars are in! 

Here's a preview of the pages:

Right now you can pick them up at Crompton Collective in Worcester. Or bug me in person!

Dec 2, 2014

Zombie Fluxx Returns!

Just got the okay to show the final art for the new Zombie Fluxx ad. This will be available as a print and will be run as a 2-page spread magazine ad.

Click to enlarge: 

Nov 18, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Oh yeah...this

People have been asking me how long that Cthulhu piece took me (see below). And they're understandably surprised when I tell them probably more than 60 hours. It's definitely time-consuming, getting lots of tendrils and tentacles all detailed properly (and there's still some that I'm not quite happy with). But as I said, I had a lot of misfires on this, picking up the sketch after few weeks or months and trying it different ways. Most of those misfires are posted below, but I'd forgotten about this one I'd started in pencil...

So whereas I'd like to play it off like I could just whip something up, it's really more like something I failed and failed at, until I had my Old Man and the Sea moment.

Oct 14, 2014


I think this one is done. Check the bottom of this post to see all the different directions this piece took.

This started out as a rejected sketch from an old project: 

I flipped the sketch and tried something else that was intended to be a square format, but that didn't feel very epic: 

I liked the idea of the car running away, so I changed the format so that the car became the focus of kind of a silly story. This one was being formatted for a skateboard shape, but the 'story' just felt dopey: 

Finally I changed it up so that the story is simpler, more somber and quiet:

This was a composition and story I could live with. I had been, at the time, working on a Photoshop painting style. It's a good style, but incredibly tedious for all the tentacles and suction cups etc. I shelved the idea after a few frustrating misfires like this: 

Blechh. Well, this week I decided to take it off the shelf and finish it. 

See above.